Saggar fired pot
These two images are two sides of the same pot. The color differences come from the firing and no two pots are alike.
Saggar fired pot

Saggar Fired and Pit Fired Pottery

My work encompasses over thirty years of experience and experimentation. From clay, water, and fire, I aspire to create simple forms influenced by an appreciation of Asian ceramic forms in combination with the surface decoration in the firing technique that replicates the natural color of stone.

The clay is molded by my hands and then given over to the fire. The end result is a finished object that is stronger and more beautiful than that which could have been done by my hands alone.

Throughout my life as a potter, my work ethic has been inspired by the fact that my time on earth is limited. Each human being wants to leave behind a legacy of their time on earth. For any artist, that legacy is the body of their work. The reality of my own mortality keeps me focused on my creative endeavors. The expression of my life’s work can be seen in the trail of work I leave behind.

Alex Mandli